eFleet Advisory Deployment Plan

Basic Information


English, Dutch, French, German

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Estimated cost is 7.500€. Exact price is influenced by the extent of historic GPS data and size of the current diesel fleet.

Application time

1 - 4 months

Assistance required

No. All needed support included as part of the tool

Assistance data

Interview with key personnel + historic GPS data or fleet monitoring project of 1 to 3 months

Tool type

Guidance document / Manual Method / Approach Option generator

Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Exploitation and business plans

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


This tool uses in-depth consultation approaches to support switching conventionally fuelled vehicle fleets to electric. Organisations (municipalities, companies, etc.) with vehicle fleets need a roadmap to address all relevant factors, to educate their teams and to maximise the benefits that come from electric vehicles.

Voltia's eFleet Advisory Deployment Planning process conducts a thorough analysis of relevant business operations and goals, the fleet of vehicles, each individual route driven, energy consumption, vehicle maintenance needs and more, via interviews with relevant employees throughout the organisation and the use of GPS and other hard data.

The resulting customised Deployment Plan provides clients with a detailed, comprehensive roadmap for switching their fleet smoothly and affordably to electric, usually over a number of years, and without disruption of their regular operations. The plan includes tables, route maps, energy infrastructure and charging suggestions, financial comparisons and analysis and much more.

In addition to providing the plan, we are happy to help clients with implementation as well, training staff and troubleshooting along the way.


Good Example

An excellent example is of a major parcel delivery company in Central Europe (they prefer to remain anonymous) which delivers from 16 depots via a fleet of 252 light commercial vehicles.  With this tool, Voltia was able to recommend 114 particular delivery routes to be electrified over a 4-year period and the appropriate electric vehicle models for each one. The tool also calculated the financial returns the company could expect, to make it doable. The project is underway to this day (mid 2017). 

Thematic areas

Clean & energy-efficient vehicles

Urban logistics
  • Distribution consolidation schemes



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00 421 2 321 17 333

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