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CIVITAS Policy Note: Cities towards Mobility 2.0: connect, share and go!
CIVITAS Policy Note: Cities towards Mobility 2.0: connect, share and go!

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  • Guidance document / Manual

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  • Rural areas
  • Metropolitan regions


With this policy note, CIVITAS WIKI intends to provide cities with a comprehensive overview on shared-mobility concepts and practices and to offer guidance to decision / policy makers and urban mobility professionals in identifying opportunities and challenges of shared mobility for their cities.

In recent years, shared-mobility services had an increasing impact on urban mobility in many countries around the world. The concept of “sharing” is shaking up the global economy. This revolution has an effect on all economic sectors and the mobility sector is without any doubt one of the sectors facing the greatest and most revolutionary changes.

This new mobility paradigm has relevant impacts on cities and their mobility planning strategies and plans and gives rise to several questions:

  • How can cities best manage the emergence of these new shared-mobility services?
  • How can the relationship between private and public interests best be managed?
  • What benefits and opportunities can be identified and exploited at city level?
  • What challenges and potential negative impacts need to be taken into account?

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July 2016
Free of charge


TRT Trasporti e Territorio / Simone Bosetti / CIVITAS WIKI

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