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  • Data gathering

Tool Type

  • Mobile app
  • Serious game

Target Audience

  • Other


Biklio is an app that creates a network of recognition and benefits to urban bicycle users, linking them to local businesses and the cycling community for the good of their city.

People who arrive somewhere on a bicycle are rewarded with benefits (e.g. discount or other offer) from Biklio Spots, which are shops or other services in the area.

As app users ride, the app detects they are using the bicycle. When they arrive at a Biklio Spot, a notification announces them a benefit. The user then shows the app notification to the spot keeper and thus proves his/her eligibility to a benefit.

Any type of consumer oriented business can participate: be it a café, a restaurant, a commodity store, a clothing shop, a museum, a gelateria or a pharmacy. To join the network, the Spot keeper only has to fill in a simple online form stating their location and benefits given to the Biklio community. Their Spot page may also inform users on any supplied bike facilities (like parking).

The local campaigner or other sponsors can even create extra cycling challenges with special benefits for the users who quest them. These challenges provide additional incentives and opportunities to promote cycling as a mode of transport.

For mobility planners, Biklio delivers better information on cyclists’ and walkers’ preferences and infrastructure performance. The app is able to operate with multiple sources of data and its outputs can be processed with different GIS based tools.

Good Example

The Biklio app has been released for both Android and iOS in September 2017.

Several pilots are being implemented and others will follow in Lisbon, Bologna, Breda, Plovdiv, Shouthend on Sea, Braga and Torres Vedras.

Input Data

An initial network of Biklio spots (shops or other services) is recommended.

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Basic Information

February 2017
Free of charge for users; Price for mobility planners yet to be defined. For further details contact João Bernardino at
Biklio is envisioned to be used for long periods (e.g. years) but can also be used for shorter campaigns.



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