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Bike Citizens App
Bike Citizens App

Application Area

  • Data gathering
  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Hardware
  • Mobile app
  • Serious game
  • Software

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Bike Citizens (BC) is a suite of mobile apps and web-tools based on GPS bicycle tracking. For more detailed information please refer to respective database entry of each of the following tools.


The Bike Citizens App


  • Offline visual and audio navigation tailored to the need of cyclists based on OSM (Open StreetMap)
  • GPS tracking, bicycle computer, tracklist, personal heatmap
  • Routing based on type of bicycle in use and choice of speed (easy / balanced / fast)
  • Bike sharing (door to door routing including walking and bike/return-box availability)

BC Web routing

  • Point to point routing
  • Route export to mobile phone
  • Bike sharing (same as app version)
  • 5/10/15/20 minutes by bike function displays area covered within x min.

BC Analytics

  • From guessing to evidence! Web based backend analytics tool based on GPS data collected from Bike Citizens app users.
  • In-depth insight in real life cycling data. Visualisation through heatmaps, graphs and in numbers.

BC Engagement

  • Collection of subjective feedback from cyclists. Citizens can report infrastructural and safety issues by pushing a “PING” button and commenting on their pings.
  • In correlation with overall cycling data the results can be used to improve safety, infrastructure and cycling policy.

BC Bike To Work campaigns - Implementation of bike to work campaigns anywhere. Add-on to BC app.

BC Bike Benefit System - Efficient way to reward for cycling. Collect benefit points (virtual currency) by cycling and claim benefits with local business partners.

Hardware Finn Smartphone Mount - hands free navigation!

PING bluetooth button - to mark locations while tracking

Good Example

City of VIENNA: 3 years providing free-for-all city pack downloads and distribution of branded Finns, in combination with a bicycle marketing campaign. Result: Doubling of users and tracking every year. City of BRUSSELS: pilot project of the PING campaign (start May 2017) City of VIENNA: pilot implementation of Bike Benefit System

Input Data

GPS tracking by cyclists. Can be set in correlation with data from bicycle count stele. Data is created by our own users. BC does not buy or sell input data.

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Basic Information

English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
May 2017
WWeb routing and BC app free of charge. Map data for offline routing: City can provide flatrate for its citizens or individual users pay EUR 4.5 (one time forever) or “pay” by cycling 100km in 30 days. For pricing of add-ons see separate database entries.
10 minutes
No training needed for the app and web route planner. All other tools require assistance / implementation by BC team (see respective database entry).


BikeCityGuide Apps GmbH
0043 316 22 87 24

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