Policy Paper on Hydrogen Mobility Solutions

Policy Brief

Through this position paper, RECIPROCITY compiles a comprehensive set of recommendations for local and regional public authorities and European institutions to effectively deploy hydrogen mobility solutions at local and regional level.

RECIPROCITY highlights the role of local and regional authorities in coordinating local stakeholders, activities, resources and funding to effectively create a shared vision on hydrogen mobility at local level. This resource also points to their key role in raising public awareness and acceptance, as well as investing in education programmes and stakeholder engagement activities.

For their part, European institutions must take into account local and regional needs when shaping EU hydrogen-related policies, and should develop common safety standards to ensure the safety of infrastructure and vehicles, and to enhance public acceptance. RECIPROCITY also recommends fostering citizen acceptance and ownership at the European level, and clearly defining funding synergies to scale-up hydrogen mobility solutions from research and development to market deployment.

RECIPROCITY-Hydrogen Mobility_policy paper_Final.pdf

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