Guide to CIVITAS capacity building activities

The CIVITAS Initiative provides professional capacity building for (future) urban mobility professionals. This guide presents the rationale for learning and the capacity building activities foreseen from 2024 to 2027. These activities will include:

  • Six so-called learning trajectories focused on urban mobility related knowledge topics, such as behavioural change or city logistics.
  • Three CIVITAS Summer Courses focused on urban mobility related soft skills, such as public participation and co-creation.
  • Young professionals and students will be engaged in two ways: first through its Educational Network, which enables cooperation between educational institutes active in the field of urban mobility; and second through activities and events, known as Mobility Powered by Youth.
  • The CIVITAS Replication and Deployment Programme will engage twelve Challenge cities and twenty-four Champion cities in various take-up and transfer activities, such as twinning sessions, co-creation workshops, and site visits.

101103716_CIVITAS MUSE_D7.2_Study Guide.pdf

Publication date:

Authors: Uli Lerche, Teije Gorris, Brechtje Walburgh Schmidt

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