CIVITAS Research Projects - Lessons Learned - 2015-2018

Fact Sheet

This series of fact sheets look at the lessons learned from a series of CIVITAS research projects that ran from 2015 to 2018. Each fact sheet dives into what the key takeaways are in terms of measure implementation; fostering the uptake of the measures; business cases; and general evaluation processes. It also lists relevant tools and resources.

The 10 projects featured are divided into four separate thematic areas as follows:

  • Integrated planning - CREATE
  • Car-independent lifestyles - EMPOWER, FLOW and TRACE
  • Collective passenger transport - CIPTEC and ELIPTIC
  • Urban freight logistics - CITYLAB, NOVELOG, SUCCESS, U-TURN

CIVITAS Research Projects - Lessons Learned - 2015-2018

CIVITAS Research Projects - Lessons Learned 2015-2018

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