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In the past six months since its start, the SUM project consortium has made significant progress in establishing specifications and methodologies. Now two of its nine Living Labs are ready to trial their technologies that promise to transform the urban mobility ecosystem in a smart and sustainable way.

The SUM project aims to is to facilitate the transformation of mobility in 15 European cities by 2026 and in 30 European cities by 2030. This transformation involves the integration of new shared mobility (NSM) modes with public transport, focusing on innovation, interconnectivity, environmental sustainability, safety, resilience and replicability. The project’s nine Living Labs comprise a fundamental component, where user needs are identified and appropriately addressed.

Each Living Lab is a unique entity with its own ecosystem and characteristics, but all labs share a common vision and objectives towards the adaptation of more sustainable mobility schemes. By analysing and defining the various individual needs, SUM will mark out policy-oriented recommendations that will transform SUM results into political language.

Updates from Fredrikstad and Munich

In Fredrikstad’s Living Lab, the trial operation of the electric ferry ‘Hyke‘ will begin in early December along a newly set up test route. One of the stops includes a charging station and an automatic floating waste collection system as environmental measures, in addition to a service building and parking facilities for both cars and bicycles. The ferry can be used by the public free of charge throughout the trial period.

In preparation of the trials, Fredrikstad has conducted a survey focusing on travel habits and the transport system. The survey will be coupled by the launch of a digital co-creation workshop with Chalmers and Hyke.
The Munich Living Lab recently hosted an online kick-off meeting, joining forces with other Living Labs to start its development. This meeting set the stage for an effort aimed at transforming urban mobility through shared knowledge and innovative practices.

A key aspect of the lab’s work involves analysing data from existing ridesharing services. The objective is to extract valuable insights that will inform the development of autonomous ride hailing fleets. This analysis will play a crucial role in understanding current trends and consumer preferences.

International events to share SUM messages

The SUM project relies heavily on the interconnection with similar initiatives in Europe and beyond. By comparing analyses conducted in different scenarios and with various focuses, SUM will work to achieve a well-rounded picture of user needs in order to better address them. One such exchange is with the GEMINI project, whose goal is to accelerate the progress towards climate neutrality through the demonstration and uptake of new shared mobility services, active transport modes, and micromobility and their integration with public transport in new generation Mobility as a Service (Maas).

SUM is also establishing and reinforcing such interconnection at international events. The CIVITAS Initiative facilitates the dialogue between project representatives and stakeholders involved in shaping the future of urban mobility. The SUM project was recently presented at the Urban Mobility Days (4-6 October, Seville) by Inria and ERTICO, at the Smart City World Congress (7-9 November, Barcelona) by ERTICO, at the Smart Sustainable Connected and Shared Mobility (Brussels) by Inria, and at the CIVITAS New Mobility Services Partnership launch event in Seville by ERTICO.

In Seville, ERTICO and NTUA represented SUM at the New Mobility Services cluster meeting under the CIVITAS Initiative. SUM cluster (Collective passenger transport & shared mobility) includes projects such as GEMINI and REALLOCATE, with which strong collaboration is envisaged. SUM representatives could interact with GEMINI’s and established the bilateral collaboration direction.
More information can be found in the recently launched SUM official website, where all the most relevant information about the project is included.

Author: Gianmarco Donolato



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