Solutions for delivery services in urban logistics with ULaaDS

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An interview with Michael Glotz-Richter, Sustainable Mobility - City of Bremen, on the ULaaDS project and how cities can improve the sustainability of urban logistics.

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What challenges do delivery services face in Europe?

We have the situation that everyone learned how to order online and now we have all the delivery vans and they are blocking our streets, sidewalks, cycle paths… so what to do about it? That’s the core of the ULaaDS project; to deal with urban logistics and delivery services.

What are your key take-aways from the ULaaDS project?

Some lessons are learned. First of all,cycle friendliness is key if you want to have a shift from vans to cargo bikes. Second point: it is necessary to enforce the given regulations. So if you have loading zones, they need to be really available for the real purpose. Third one, with new technologies it is not so easy. Cargo hitching as well as autonomous transport has some barriers and they need to be overcome. Last but not least, it’s a lot about communication between authorities and forwardists; the business sector.

What advice do you have for the key logistics stakeholders?

We have to deal here with a highly competitive market; market players…And there we have to be quite careful as authorities. First of all we have to have a fair treatment of all of them. Secondly, it is not so easy to find white label solutions that cover all the competing operators. And third, to see that if we do these strategies we really have to try to understand each other; that the forwardists understand the needs that the community has as well as that the authorities understand the needs of the business sector.

How can we find out more?

If you want to find out more about ULaaDS, we have a nice website where you can find all the news and for download, we have a flyer with condensed information, insights and obstacles – not only about talking about what is achieved but also where the problems lie.


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