Procurement of electric vehicles in the municipal fleet and public charging infrastructure in Madrid

EV Charging station

In the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, the cities of Stockholm, Madrid, Munich and Turku have implemented different solutions to increase the uptake of clean vehicles and to facilitate the installation of new charging infrastructure.

Working with electric mobility has been an ongoing task in Madrid since 2009. During CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, the city focused on electrification of the municipal fleet and optimising the city charging infrastructure network.

Madrid has renewed its municipal fleet by replacing over one third of it with electric vehicles, and evaluated the new fleet’s performance in Inspection Services, Municipal Police and Mobility Agents.

The Environment and Mobility Area was responsible for the procurement strategy, which was based on a fleet analysis, used to identify needs and possible limitations of electric vehicles. Electric vehicle providers received more points in procurement and the winning providers signed a leasing agreement for four years with each city department. 

During the project, the public charging infrastructure network was improved by increasing the number of fast charging stations, paying special attention to the quality of the service, and establishing new models of public-private collaboration.

Madrid does not, however, promote on-street charging due to legal, administrative and technical difficulties, as well as an explicit aim to recover public space for citizens, according to its ‘Plan A’.

Madrid has also promoted the use of electric vehicles in private fleets through new regulations and strategies on air quality, climate change and sustainable mobility, such as ‘Madrid Central’ ULEZ, and the new Urban Sustainable Ordinance, approved during the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project.

For more information, watch this video on clean vehicles in Madrid.



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