Preparing the CIVITAS ELEVATE capacity building legacy


CIVINET representatives brainstorming around a table.

Image from Brechtje Walburgh Schmidt by Brechtje Walburgh Schmidt

Over the past four years CIVITAS ELEVATE produced a wealth of learning materials, with which hundreds of mobility professionals and future professionals have already enhanced their skills and knowledge. All in all, ELEVATE produced eight e-courses, four trainings, a CIVINET train-the-trainer programme, and two summer/winter courses. A number of these are still available online, in addition to a wealth of materials that were produced as outcomes of learning opportunities.

Together with higher educational institutes from the CIVITAS Educational Network, partners are exploring how CIVITAS learning materials can be used by students to achieve a ‘minor’ that could be implemented as part of curricula of (polytechnic) universities across Europe. In parallel, CIVINETs are working to make use of ELEVATE learning materials in their activities to facilitate capacity development of their members. 

These two pathways – working with the Educational Network, and with the CIVINETs – have been explored and structured using the so-called ‘business model canvas’. This helped to structure thinking about what value ELEVATE is delivering, to whom, and what is necessary to deliver this value.

The testing of the two pathways was done during two workshops: the CIVINEXT Generation Workshop and the Educational Network session. A creative workshop used the metaphor of sailing to structure reflections and engagement of all participants. Outcomes were then validated by online surveys conducted in the respective networks, and by semi-structured interviews with key actors from both networks.

This emphasis on exploitation is unique, and hopefully leads to a vast community of mobility leaders gaining access to learning materials and tools that help them advance sustainable mobility and transport across Europe.

Author: Brechtje Walburgh Schmidt

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