New MSc programme at Tampere Universities prepares sustainable transport leaders

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A new Master’s programme at Tampere Universities (Finland) prepares the next generation of leaders in Sustainable Transport within Civil Engineering.

Apply to earn a master’s degree in civil engineering by completing this two-year master’s programme, within which you can major in sustainable transport or in structural engineering.

Mobility of people and goods are crucial for our everyday lives, businesses, and societies. However, the transport sector is also the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in many countries, while road traffic crashes are among the leading causes of death globally, and inequality of mobility affects people in developing and developed countries alike. Because of these issues, the principles of conventional car-centered transport planning are being questioned, and the need for a sustainable transport paradigm is clear.

How can we reach a transport system that has a minimum environmental stress, is safe, and offer equal possibilities of well-being? Tools to answer these questions are provided in the Sustainable Transport major. 

Expertise in civil engineering is crucial for developing the safety, security, and the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of our society. A master’s degree in civil engineering offers you a way to develop multidisciplinary expertise related to the built environment and sustainability. Furthermore, a career in civil engineering requires a broad understanding of phenomena related to the development of the built environment, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to develop, implement and apply new technologies.

Graduates with a master’s degree in civil engineering have a broad range of career opportunities, pursuing expert or executive-level careers in Finland or abroad. Potential employers include consulting companies, construction companies, the transport and logistics industry, public organisations at international, national, regional and municipality level, universities and research institutes.

More information: Sustainable Transport, Civil Engineering | Tampere universities (

Author: Tampere University

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