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CIVINEXT workshop

The future of the CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs) has been mapped out, and the CIVINETs are now ready to continue and enhance the great work done so far. The important role of the CIVINETs, as well as their current and future objectives, activities and needs were among the topics discussed during the “CIVINext Generation Exploitation and Legacy Workshop” in Leuven (Belgium) from 30 January to 1 February 2023.

The workshop’s purpose was to prepare the CIVINET secretariats for an effective scale-up and future perspectives. The main goal was to elaborate on their future and to ensure long-term viability that will help the networks to further shape and implement their strategies. Additionally, representatives of the CIVINET secretariats, CIVITAS ELEVATE and DG MOVE discussed the position of the European Commission regarding the development of the CIVINETs and mutual expectations.

Diverse sessions enabled the participants to reflect on their experience, challenges, lessons learnt, needs, strategies, business plans and ambitions. Another aspect was to strengthen the connection between the CIVINETs and the CIVITAS Educational Network. Many CIVINETs expressed their wish to get more connected to the academic field. Furthermore, there was space for new topics brought up by the CIVINETs themselves such as potential synergies to cooperate among the CIVINETs, how to engage more members, how to increase the CIVINETs’ influence and the visibility of the CIVINETs on a national level.

This event was organised by CIVITAS ELEVATE, the current CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action.

Authors: Uli Lerche, BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences)





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