It's "Good Night" for cars in Ruse (Bulgaria): New trolleybus line increases public transport accessibility

In the city of Ruse (Bulgaria), a new trolleybus line is bringing late-night transport to the district of Druzhba for the first time.

The neighbourhood, which serves as the city's Living Lab in the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, serves as one of the main transport corridors to the city centre and experiences high volumes of traffic.

However, the lack of public transport to the district after 21.00 meant that in the past most people opted to use their own cars or taxi services. Yet as taxis were not a feasible option for all travellers; they were left feeling isolated and discriminated against.

The introduction of the “Good Night” Line has changed this. Launched at the beginning of May, the trolleybus service operates from 00:30 to 03:10 and runs along two routes.

The main route connects Druzhba with Ruse's city centre and central bus and railway station, passing through the city's main boulevards and streets, whilst the second route travels from the starting point of the main route to the trolleybus depot.

Information brochures and posters have been developed that contain detailed timetables of the routes, and these are available in all trolleybuses run by the public transport operator Municipal Transport Ruse EAD.

A crucial objective of the measure is to turn public transport into the mode of choice for those living in Druzhba, a district located on Ruse's periphery.

Residents of all ages will benefit from the increased accessibility the new service brings with it, including for travelling to work, going out in the late evening, or as a connection for travel beyond Ruse.

Other positive impacts include better air quality in the city centre and in Druzhba itself due to lower car use. In addition, the “Good Night” Line is expected to lead to a decrease in alcohol-related (and other) road accidents.

For promotion, the trolleybus on the line on the line has been given its own special branding.

Read more about Ruse's other measures in CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and the project.



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