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Interviews with Professor Panos Georgakis, GREEN-LOG Scientific & Technical Coordinator (University of Wolverhampton), Akrivi Vivian Kiousi, Director of Business Development & Partner (Frontier Innovations) and Amalia Ntemou, Project Manager, GREEN-LOG Coordination Team (Netcompany-Intrasoft) on interconnected & sustainable delivery solutions with the GREEN-LOG project.

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What is the GREEN-LOG project about?

Panos Georgakis: In GREEN-LOG we are developing a number of solutions for sustainable last-mile logistics. More specifically we are developing a marketplace to implement Logisitics-as-a-Service, and connect demand and supply, and try to optimise the demand and supply for last-mile logistics. We are also developing solutions for monitoring parcels, so we can improve the security of logistics services. Also we are testing and trialing innovative, autonomous bots for last-mile logistics.

What challenges does the last-mile logistics sector currently face?

Akrivi Vivian Kiousi: There are many challenges associated with last-mile deliveries. These are of different nature; may be economic, business or social. For example, companies, when they try to deliver in highly congested areas, that takes time and this is translated into money. In addition, it is very hard not to inclinate from your schedule. You may have a customer that needs something last-minute and then you have to reconsider your itinerary. That is also a cost. Costs are related throughout the process. It has to do with the labour, it has to do with maintenance of the vehicles, it has to do with actually having to do an itinerary with half a truck being loaded.

I am very happy to work in the logistics sector. It actually has flourished, especially after COVID. But it flourished not only in the economy, we see a rise, especially in the emissions. So everyone in the sector, we have to do something about it, actually very quickly.

Please tell us about GREEN-LOG’s Living Lab approach

Panos Georgakis: We have a number of Living Labs in GREEN-LOG. Living Labs are like real test environments, where we can get all the stakeholders together. Also we are using Living Labs to evaluate the different solutions in real-life applications.

Amalia Ntemou:The GREEN-LOG approach will be demonstrated in 5  urban Living Labs: Athens, Barcelona, Flanders area (Ghent, Leuven & Mechelen), Oxfordshire and Ispra. They satisfy different urban logistics characteristics and tackle challenges related to sustainability, congestion, economic, social, business and environmental aspects. Among the solutions is the development of the transferability and adaptability framework, which will be tested and demonstrated in three different follower cities: Arad, Helsingborg & Valga, which are facing different challenges and changes.

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