How to reach non-professional mobility enthusiasts

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How to connect with people who are passionate about urban mobility but don't necessarily work in the field? CIVINET Romania's podcast has cracked that code.

The podcast started out with just a single episode. It was in that first episode that listeners had the pleasure to hear conversations stemming from insights like: “Road safety determines how many cyclists we see on the roads. If we are afraid to cycle, we will not cycle – because there are roads in the city that allow drivers to speed at 70 km/h or even more, so we do not dare to put a bicycle wheel on the road”.

That first episode was immensely popular on social media, sparking conversation among people who are not mobility experts, but are rather passionate mobility consumers. This provided CIVINET Romania with the faith to record one more episode. And then another one... Now, the CIVINET has six episodes out, going on seven.

The target group is one that can be tricky to reach: people passionate about urban mobility, but who do not work in the field. People that travel sustainably in their cities and beyond its limits.

The greatest challenge in creating the podcast is probably finding Romanian speakers that are able to translate a complicated message into plain words that affect people, make them think about the choices they make everyday, and spark change. This is especially a challenge, as the podcast does not shy away from complex topics, making the task of translating the message even more difficult. So far, episodes have conducted interviews on topics such as Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategies, the European Union's Fit for 55 package, the European Green Deal, and Vision Zero.

All who speak Romanian are invited to listen to “În Mișcare” (which means “On the Move”) to dive into interviews on sustainable urban mobility, and cross-cutting issues such as the European Green Deal and its implications on urban transport.

Whether you are a fluent speaker, or just keen to learn the Romanian words for “mobility”, “sustainability” or “climate neutrality”, you are more than welcome. You may even find the language intuitive to pick up – after all, those words translate to “mobilitate”, “sustenabilitate” and “neutralitate climatică”.

Listen now at:

Author: Violeta Mihalache


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