Guidebook presents visions and interventions to contribute to a massive reduction in car use

People walking along a large pedestrian street

Image from Pixabay by Dimitris Vetsikas

One of the key challenges many cities across Europe face is the physical separation of the different components of everyday life (e.g. home is far from work), leading to significant mobility demand. This demand is met to a large extent by car use: people drive cars to shorten commutes to work, or to access various services. However, car-oriented local mobility has a wide range of adverse consequences, many of which negatively affect the quality of life event in the short-run.

While most cities understand this problem, its likely consequences, and are committed to fostering a shift towards more sustainable urban mobility and public space use, this is easier said than done. That’s why 28 European cities – who are partners in three URBACT Action Planning Networks – have come together to establish a long-term cooperation platform to face today’s mobility challenges. The Walk’n’Roll Cities a platform will be key to help cities exchange ideas, inspiration, and to learn from each other. 

Together, these cities have explored visions and interventions that could contribute to massive reduction of car use in our cities, presented in an online guidebook that is available now. This is an accessible, practical and concise resource for local politicians, decision-makers, professionals, city practitioners and citizens, who are interested in urban mobility and committed to making their cities a better place for people.

For more information, visit the Walk’n’Roll Cities page here.

Author: Magyar CIVINET Titkárság


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