Denmark's first bus running on 100 percent sustainable biofuel

If you have not yet planned your summer holidays and if you are a fan of sustainable transport solutions - then take at look at this! From 1 July, a bus running on 100 percent sustainable biofuel will operate in Aalborg - the first of its kind in Denmark.

For three successive years the City of Aalborg and The Public Transport Authority of North Denmark have offered tourists and citizens free transport around the centre of Aalborg between the city’s tourist attractions with the so-called City Circle line. In the first year, the City Circle bus was a hybrid bus that saved 30 percent fuel, while in the past year, the bus was running on 30 percent second-generation biofuel. This year, a unique and extraordinary solution is being tested: The bus will run on 100 percent sustainable biofuel, which makes it the first of its kind in Denmark. The product reduces CO2-emissions drastically as it contains no fossil fuels but is made from animal and vegetable waste, and only supplied with sustainably developed palm oil. Half of Aalborg's bus fleet is running on biofuels. These are operating on 20 and 27 percent of biofuels. One of the objectives of the City Circle bus is to increase energy efficiency, the share of biofuels and other alternative fuels. This will contribute to a more efficient traffic flow in the city and increase the number of sustainable modes of transport and thereby reduce pollution from transport. Aalborg Site Manager Jens Mogensen comments on the release of the new bus, “We are very proud to present a 100 percent sustainable bus line. This has never before been carried out in Denmark, and therefore it is of course an initiative that can turn out to have a crucial impact on the development and distribution of biofuel in Denmark.” Many departures every day The City Circle line runs around the centre of Aalborg and stops at the city’s largest attractions and sights. The City Circle is completely free of charge and runs from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 14:00 on weekends. Between 10:00 and 14:00 a host from the local tourist office, Visit Aalborg, is onboard the bus. The City Circle runs from 1 July until 11 August. Last year, the bus had 10,000 passengers.

Author: Gustav Friis



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