CIVITAS PAC give local politicians’ perspective on key EU mobility developments

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Torsten Klimke, Head of the Innovation and Research Unit at DG MOVE, started the meeting by delivering a warm welcome message to the PAC members. He was followed by Isabelle Vandoorne, Deputy Head of the Innovation and Research Unit, who presented an overview on the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the evaluation of the Urban Mobility Package.

To finish the outline of these topics, INOVA+, on the behalf of the PAC Secretariat, presented the results of the questionnaire answered by PAC members regarding this specific strategy.

During the meeting, the Chairperson of the PAC, Koen Kennis, gave the opportunity to the rest of the members to present their insights and share their perceptions on both topics by moderating a small debate on the theme.

As an ending, there was a brief introduction of the Policy Support Groups by TRT to promote different ways of cooperation between them and the PAC. An update on the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021 was also provided.

The PAC members will meet again in May when they will participate in a Sharing Session related to Mobility-as-a-Service. The next official meeting is expected to take place during the CIVITAS Forum 2021 in Aachen (Germany).

The PAC is a small group of leading and highly motivated elected politicians that act an advisory group to the CIVITAS Initiative and network of cities. Read more about its functions and find profiles for all 15 members here.
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