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CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs) are networks of cities and institutions that promote the CIVITAS approach at the local level. Differentiated by region and clustered by language, CIVINETs work with their members to engage on transport policy, legislation and funding at the European and national levels. CIVINETs work independently, but also cooperate with each other to share learning and experiences on sustainable urban mobility. Overall, the main role of CIVINETs is to strengthen local, regional and national capacity around sustainable urban mobility. To this end, CIVINETs:

  1. Act as ambassadors of the European mobility policy and convey the messages or translate the EU policy at and for local, regional and national stakeholders.
  2. Collect input from their members on the challenges they face when putting in practice EU urban mobility policy or programmes.
  3. Bridge with the (CIVITAS) Research and Innovation projects and their results and facilitate the take-up and replication of these results.

To assist this work, CIVITAS MUSE is carrying on the legacy of its predecessor CIVITAS Coordination and Support Actions, supporting the CIVINETs to carry out a variety of activities. These activities span from actively promoting the CIVITAS Initiative and the CIVINET outside the network, to the development and distribution of CIVINET communication and dissemination material in their own languages, organising and delivering capacity building events, and facilitating the transfer and uptake of activities among practitioners and policymakers.

Find out more about the CIVINETs by clicking here.

Author: Fred DOTTER


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