CIVITAS Insight on cities’ role in introducing clean vehicles and using alternative fuels now available

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The 20th CIVITAS Insight is now available, giving information on cities’ role in introducing clean vehicles and using alternative fuels

The EU wants to phase out conventionally fuelled vehicles by 2050 and move towards carbon neutral urban logistics by 2030. To achieve this ambitious objective, it developed legislation and provided financial incentives to encourage cities to use alternatively fuelled vehicles and create related infrastructure. The 20th CIVITAS Insight targets European cities and their role in introducing clean vehicles and using alternative fuels.

To help Member States meet the AFI Directive goals to introduce the appropriate charging/refuelling infrastructure for alternatively fuelled vehicles on their national territory by 2020/2025 and to support the market development of alternative fuels in the EU, the European Commission established the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO).

The EAFO features a web portal that presents data and information on alternative fuels and clean vehicles in Europe, mapping their actual introduction and use, their infrastructure and the existing incentives across the EU. It supports national and EU legislation, programmes and incentives for alternative fuels.

Download and read the 20th CIVITAS Insight, or access all published and forthcoming Insights on the Key Publications page.

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