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CIVINETs that were awarded financial support via the CIVINET Activity Fund 2020 have now concluded their funded activities, and have submitted reports that shed light on their vast impact.

CIVITAS ELEVATE made use of a total of €100,000 to support seven CIVINETs to carry out activities in the period from December 2020 – November 2021, namely:

  •     CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics
  •     CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum
  •     CIVINET Finland  
  •     CIVINET Greece-Cyprus  
  •     CIVINET Romania  
  •     CIVINET Slovenia – Croatia – South East Europe
  •     Magyar CIVINET

The main focus of all of their activities was to deploy innovative mobility solutions in cities through local capacity building and training, while also engaging and networking with local mobility stakeholders. Furthermore, activities reached out to involve (new) cities in the CIVITAS network, and to partner with industry and civil society, to help these cities navigate through mobility transition and change.

All funded activities added great value to the CIVITAS Initiative’s main assets, and bolstered the European Commission’s main sustainable transport policies through promotion and implementation.

Stay tuned: insights from the CIVINETs will be shared via news items and publications in 2022. Prepare to get inspired!

Author: Fred DOTTER


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