Celebrating 20 years of sustainable and smart mobility in 2022


Celebratory CIVITAS cubes stacked in the background, and a three-tiered "20 Years of CIVITAS" cake in the foreground.

Image by Adrienne Kotler

Twenty years ago, the CIVITAS Initiative burst onto the scene. In 2022, we celebrated this momentous achievement by reflecting on the incredible progress that has been made over the past two decades to build more sustainable mobility and transport systems in Europe – all with CIVITAS at the helm.

What we celebrated

In sum, throughout 2022 we celebrated 20 years of sustainable and smart mobility. This means 20 years of:

  • being part of a network of cities committed to sustainable urban mobility – a network that now has over 300 members across all EU Member States;
  • peer-to-peer learning on innovative solutions related to sustainable urban mobility in Europe, which has included 18 multi-year projects, shared technologies and solutions; and
  • driving change in the field of mobility & transport through research and innovation.

But we are doing more than just celebrating the past two decades. We are also looking forward to the future. The next 20 years will see at least 70 CIVITAS cities become climate-neutral with help from the Climate Neutral & Smart Cities Mission.

How we celebrated

Throughout 2022, CIVITAS uplifted voices from the CIVITAS Community via our MOVE newsletter, social media channels and website. These have been compiled in a slideshow highlighting 20 CIVITAS places, faces and facts.

CIVITAS’ anniversary was also celebrated at the Urban Mobility Days 2022 (UMD2022), which took place on 20-22 September, with an official birthday party during the Awards Ceremony, and with limited edition CIVITAS items available for UMD2022 participants. This celebration even included a multi-tiered CIVITAS cake for all to share!

The CIVITAS impact

Over the years, CIVITAS has curated publications and taken on in-depth evaluations to distil the Initiative’s impact. The results have consistently been impressive and heartening.

Browse past results publications and Success Stories to get a glimpse into how, as Iva Rorečková, Head of Transport Development and Strategy Office, Brno City Municipality once put it: “Since CIVITAS first came to Brno… our city has become more liveable, public transport has vastly improved, we have a SUMP – and citizens know about it! Whilst there is still much to do, we are on the right path.”

For example, get inspired by recent CIVITAS Success Stories; stories from impactful CIVITAS innovation, e-mobility, neighbourhood and SUMP projects; and a review and evaluation of achievements from CIVITAS projects.


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