Celebrating 20 years of CIVITAS with 20 CIVITAS places, faces and facts


CIVITAS 20 years card

As the CIVITAS Initiative celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, we are taking time over the next few weeks to look back on some of the cities and individuals that have been instrumental to CIVITAS’s success as a beacon for sustainable and smart urban mobility. A number of key features, or ‘facts’, have also contributed to making CIVITAS what it is today.

In an exciting campaign called ‘20 Places, Faces and Facts of CIVITAS’, launched on 2 November 2022, we amplify some of the key voices and contributors that have made CIVITAS what it is today. We will highlight insights from mayors and individuals that were key to the founding of CIVITAS, as well as current contributors to the CIVITAS Community, like project coordinators, and members from the CIVITAS Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and National Networks (CIVINETs). 

Each of our Places, Faces and Facts have played an important role in shaping the CIVITAS Initiative. Check out our social media channels every day this month to learn more! 




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