Become an ULaaDS follower city and visit Mechelen!

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The ULaaDS team is now recruiting 2 Follower cities to participate in a two-day study visit in Mechelen on 16-17 May!

The study visit is part of the newly launched ULaaDS peer learning programme, which gives city representatives the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of potential solutions and best practices in the context of Urban Logistics.

Over the course of the ULaaDS project, there will be three study visits taking place in Mechelen (Belgium), Bremen (Germany) and Groningen (the Netherlands), respectively.

The first study visit in Mechelen on May 16-17 2022 will be tailored to the needs of the participating cities and will take on an interactive approach, to facilitate in-depth exchange and strengthen cooperation.

By becoming an ULaaDS Follower city, you will become an active member of the ULaaDS community of practice together with the Lighthouse cities (Bremen, Mechelen and Groningen) and Satellite cities (Alba Iulia, Bergen, Edinburgh and Rome) and have access to all of the peer-to-peer learning activities, such as informative webinars and training with representatives from the Lighthouse and Satellite cities.


Why become a follower city?

Receive up to €800 to cover travel and accommodation costs for the study visit

  • Gain hands-on experience of urban logistics measures implemented in other cities – and specifically the ULaaDS solutions being tested
  • Have the opportunity to exchange on a one-to-one basis with fellow city representatives
  • Participate in a full programme of activities beyond the study visit, such as webinars and trainings
  • Be offered speaking slots during our events and webinars
  • Be promoted on the ULaaDS website and European-wide media outlets as a city committed to sustainable urban logistics

What does the role entail?

Follower cities must complete the following activities:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Identify (a) local challenge(s) faced by your city that you would like to discuss with peers
  • Take part in the study visit in Mechelen in May 2022
  • Fill in a short peer learning diary at the end of the peer learning visit
  • Gather and send all documents required for the reimbursement of costs

How to apply

To be eligible, the application form must:

  • Be submitted by 28 February 2022 COB;
  • Be prepared by only one city (no “joint” applications);
  • Be duly completed in all parts;
  • Be signed by the Mayor, the Vice-Mayor or the Director of the competent department in your municipality
  • Be submitted in English

Please send your signed application to arianna [dot] americo [at] eurocities [dot] eu () and specify in the subject line: ULaaDS Mechelen Study Visit

Best of luck!

Authors: Amy McCready, Arianna Americo




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