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All of the main public bodies and offices of the Municipality are located within the city centre and the citizens that deal with administrative issues are obliged to face the problems caused by low accessibility of the area. Through the new strategy for cutting urban travels, the Municipality offered some services through the web.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Within the measure ICT were used to enable citizens to have easy access to the Council’s administrative procedures.

The activities implemented are: - Research and analysis - Selection of the services to provide by web according to the position of the office and to the number of people’ requests at front office in the last years (in order to maximize the impact of the measure) - Designing the new architecture of the system - Analysis of each service at front office in order to identify all the aspects related to its functioning, highlighting all the cases which could occur in the administrative procedure transferred on the web - Development and testing of new software - Three new web facilities started - evaluation activities of services at office and on line will be carried on, in order to refining software architecture and to evaluate the performance of the schemes and impact of the measure in terms of different forms of saving (car trips, time, money, fuel/energy, CO2 emissions). - dissemination actions in order to communicate the new services available (leaflets, information campaigns, logos on Municipality front offices, web site and Metropolitan TV advertisements).

The main objective of this measure was to design public services accessible through the internet in order to avoid the need to travel, producing an environmental impact. By doing this citizens have several benefits and the socially disadvantaged groups have an easier access to the services. The Municipality of Perugia has also benefits by reducing the time needed to complete the administrative tasks and to increase the efficiency of the Municipality administration


Due to its geographic position and characteristics, the citizens of Perugia have problems in accessing the historic city centre. Furthermore, all of the main public bodies and their offices are located within the city centre where they are obliged to go to in order to deal with administrative issues. This situation causes many problems for citizens in general, but especially for the mobility impaired ones. Using new technology, services users will be enabled to have easy access by the internet to some Council’s administrative procedures. The most important benefits of this measure is allowing citizens to have easy access to the administrative procedures, reducing the time needed to complete the administrative tasks but, moreover, cutting the need to travel in urban areas (with positive impact in terms of congestion and pollutant emissions reduction etc.).


- To redesign public services to be accessible through the internet in order to avoid the need to travel;

- To provide easier access to services for socially disadvantaged groups

- Different types of  savings (in terms of emissions, fuel,  time, money) for citizens and for the administration

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