Sustainable mobility agency for tourists/visitors

Basic Information

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RET 6.1


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Thematic areas

Active mobility

Collective passenger transport & shared mobility

Behavioural change & mobility management

Integrated & inclusive planning
  • Spatial planning / land-use planning
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Cooperation of policy fields and institutional stakeholders
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - SUMP


A Sustainable Mobility Agency will be launched to promote alternative transport modes to visitors. An online platform for promoting sustainable mobility plans will be developed, with the aim to achieve a modal shift towards cycling, walking and PT.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Rethymno aspires to improve the quality of the overall service offered to tourists by enhancing the quality of environment and mobility in and accessibility of the city. A strongly “tourist-oriented” approach is being adopted to provide new services combining tourism and mobility through the operation of a Sustainable Mobility Agency.

The Agency will coordinate all transport activities/stakeholders and will operate an online platform to promote sustainable mobility plans for selected routes accessible through web/mobile devices. Alternative transport options and new mobility products will be designed for tourists in order to encourage more sustainable commuting choices and prompt a modal shift away from single occupancy car use.

The main objectives of the measure are:

  • Successful coordination of all sustainable mobility initiatives and transport services.
  • Improved mobility options and services for tourists and citizens.
  • A change in behaviour that sees higher use of more sustainable transport modes in the city and prefecture area.
  • Reduced car use and an increased share of visitors using sustainable mobility modes during their holidays.
  • Improving the image and attractiveness of the city as a sustainable tourism destination.

    The measure’s objectives will be achieved through the following actions:

    • The operation of a dedicated Sustainable Mobility Agency to coordinate all transport activities and stakeholders and to initiate and promote relevant services.
    • The analysis of mobility patterns of visitors/tourists and surveys to assess visitors’ satisfaction about the mobility products and services offered.
    • A web application to inform on mobility and tourist services and to provide sustainable mobility plans for selected routes.
    • A sustainable mobility campaign and information hubs at main airports.


    The activities implemented so far are:  

    • The Sustainable Mobility Agency has been set-up (site, staff recruitment, infrastructure) and is incorporated into the Municipal Technical Services Department;
    • Study on mobility patterns of visitors and citizens, identification of new travel plans to key attraction points.
    • Development of a web-based platform / application for promoting sustainable mobility plans; content, web design and back-end operations have been contracted (on-going).
    • Development and implementation of sustainable mobility campaign for tourists (on-going). Maps of walking and cycling routes combining key attraction points are prepared.


    The expected outcomes of the measure are:

    • A Sustainable Mobility Agency in operation as an integrated mobility services info hub.
    • An online platform (also accessible on mobile devices) promoting sustainable mobility plans and alternative mobility options for tourists and residents.
    • Mobility and tourism information hubs at airports.
    • Sustainable mobility campaigns and satisfaction surveys for tourists.
    • Sustainable mobility travel planner with hotel/tour operators involved; capacity building for hotel staff to promote sustainable mobility routes and services.
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