Smart Parking Guidance System

Basic Information

Mobility solution ID

LIM 6.4


Thematic areas

Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • Connected and automated transport
  • ITS for traffic

Demand & urban space management
  • Access restrictions and management
  • Road pricing
  • Parking management and pricing

Behavioural change & mobility management
  • Mobility marketing and awareness raising
  • Mobility Planning

Road safety & security
  • Enhancing passenger security
  • Safer roads, bike and foot paths
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy


The goal of this measure was to significantly reduce unnecessary traffic congestion in the city centre by providing appropriate solutions. To achieve this, a new parking guidance system was installed that provides real-time information to drivers for parking in the city centre.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Smart parking guidance system

Smart sensors installed in 6 municipally owned parking spaces, transferred real time data regarding space availability to a central server. The server collected all the data and through appropriate software forwarded the data to the installed information boards and to a smart application available for public use through the internet. Also, 7 guidance electronic signs were installed in key points of Limassol city, indicating the parking places availability.

Dissemination of the measure

Leaflets and brochures have been developed and disseminated for the communication campaign and relevant posts have been created on social media platforms and website to inform the public about the new solution of parking guidance.


  • Decreased CO2 emissions - 29.2 tons of CO2 were saved. During June 2020.
  • Decreased traffic noise
  • Fuel consumption savings - 8.640 litres were saved. During June 2020.
  • Fuel cost savings - 10.713 € were saved. During June 2020.
  • Awareness of residents and tourists about the smart parking solution - 80% of people were aware of the need of available free parking spaces in order to address parking issues. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
  • Tourists and residents acceptance of the smart parking solution - 80% of the people used the application. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
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