Real-time mobility and tourism information services

Basic Information

Mobility solution ID

LPA 7.3


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Thematic areas

Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • Connected and automated transport
  • Real-time road-user information
  • ITS-based enhancement of public transport
Behavioural change & mobility management


Guaguas Municipales has extended the real-time information system at 20 bus stops with screens powered by solar energy.

These screens include new and innovative functionalities, such as devices that allow customers to read the current balance of their contactless smart cards, and a voice-over system that alerts people with visual impairments to updated arrival times.

Implementing sustainable mobility

After the installation and monitoring phase, the panels are continuously tracked to ensure their correct operation and to repair them in case of incidents, e.g. vandalism or technical faults.

In collaboration with Las Palmas Municipality, Guaguas Municipales is installing the same real-time information systems every time a new bus stop is created or an existing one is improved or replaced.

Aside from the 20 systems installed as part of DESTINATIONS, over 40 further systems have been installed or upgraded.

Guaguas Municipales has also established that solar-powered real-time information panels are cheaper than those connected to the electricity grid, if the total amount of funding needed to purchase and install the equipment is taken into account.


Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected.

Watch a video on the system here (in ES).


  • Increased user satisfaction with public transport services. 

As of March 2020, Guaguas Municipales had already installed 74 real time information panels powered by solar energy (20 of them under CIVITAS DESTINATIONS and 54 with its own resources).

In addition to that, the Regional Government of Gran Canaria Island has installed over 100 more panels (with other resources beyond DESTINATIONS) all over the island for the interurban public transport service.

It could be said that by fostering the implementation of this kind of product DESTINATIONS has helped make public transport more attractive not only in the city but also on the island.


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