PT Traveller information System


The goal of this measure was the upgrade of urban public transport (PT) services and to increase interest of residents and tourists for the use of PT. To achieve this, an integrated telematics system has been deployed with real-time information, to make PT more attractive and user-friendly for all.

Implementing sustainable mobility

On-board TFT Displays

25 on-board TFT Displays were installed on Limassol buses to inform passengers about connecting routes, intermediate stops, Points of Interest (POIs), campaign and date/time.  The content of the on-board display is automatically updated in two languages, English and Greek, and provides location-based information to the passengers. Also, the displays have been designed to show multimedia files for campaigns and Points of Interest (POIs), depending on priorities that will be provided through the Content Management System of the displays.

Electronic Photovoltaic/ Solar Display System

25 Bus Stop Displays with photovoltaic panels were installed in the Limassol Region. Bus stop displays provide accurate information about estimated bus arrivals at the respective bus stop. The Displays provide information in two languages (English/Greek) and their interface shows estimated times of arrival/departure in real time.

Content Management System

A Content Management System – back office CMS -  has been developed and operating at Limassol Tourism Company’s premises to transmit all information of bus routes, campaigns and events to the on-board displays on buses and at bus stops.

Web Content Management System

This Web Content Management System is a web-based application that allows the configuration of parameters on the multimedia screens that need to be shown on the on-board display. Through the web content management system all text messages and information are uploaded to the displays either as text messages or videos/photos. A campaign or event can be scheduled for a particular time and duration and uploaded to the displays of all fleet or selected vehicles.

Stakeholder engagement

During the project, stakeholder engagement helped complete the measure successfully as they provided permits, specifications and a strong collaboration in order for successfully complete all activities.


  • Tourists’ and residents’ level of satisfaction with PT transport system - 95% of people were very satisfied with the improved PT service of Limassol city. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
  • Awareness of tourists and residents about the electronic displays in and out the bus - 75% of people had noticed and therefore are aware of the displays in and out the buses. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
  • Tourists’ and residents’ acceptance of the electronic displays in and out of the bus - 100% of the people were very happy and had accepted the electronic displays. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
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