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Gdansk is eager to promote tram travel to address problems of congestion and pollution from private car traffic.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The citizens of Gdansk like to get around the city in their private car causing congestions and air pollution. The city has identified better use of the tram lines as key to making the city accessible during rush hour. The main objectives of the measure are to: • Reduce dependence on the private car; • Reduce the number of cars on the roads; and • Promote collective transport. An extension of a tram line to the new residential district of Chelm opened in December 2007 and was the first extension of the city’s tram service in the past 20 years. Chelm is served by a number of bus lines. These are however subject to delays during peak times and have reached the limits of their capacity. The area is characterised by a large number of young people and families with young children. To reach this young audience, Gdansk decided to promote travel on this line through innovative tools such as blogging competitions, YouTube videos and SMS.


The activities in the framework of measure 4.1 are closely related to other measures of Gdańsk, which serve the purpose of stimulating Gdańsk inhabitants' awareness of sustainable transport and participation in the development of new sustainable transport habits and behaviour. Therefore in measure 4.1 as in the measures 4.3, 4.4 and 5.1. social communication tools in the area of advertising, information and promotion were applied during MIMOSA. The use of tram as a sustainable transport modality has been promoted throughout the duration of the project, including the tram line to the district of Chełm. The main types of tasks carried out in the framework of measure 4.1 involved: • developing promotional strategies and tools for example: promoting slogan: “Change Your  City”,   placing banners promoting MIMOSA`s actions on trams etc.; • on line surveys, results of which were used to indicate problems of tram transport services and to measure passengers satisfaction and to work out proper promotional activities; • workshop „Image of Public Transport” (12 September 2011) training on Quality in Public Transport for PT Providers, PT Management and NGOs  indicated methods of modern quality management in public transport;  • organizing and taking part in outdoor events for citizens like: TRAKO 2011 - International Railway Fair, “Picnic with a tram” (May 2012), press conference on a vintage tram on 10 July 2012, event introducing new type of modern tram PESA in Gdansk, opening a new tram way extension etc.; • Social Media in service of Public Participation (facebook, blog etc.) • Tram Movie “Nocny przejazd” (Night Tram) presented on regional T.V.  in November  2011; • a large scale trams occupancy survey (Spring 2012) used by PT Management company to adjust tram timetable to the passengers real needs; • organizing a competition for a T-Shirt project promoting sustainable transport. • tram Urban Game - (21 April 2012) "Your Turn. Explorers of tram projects. Discover their secrets"; • organizing a competition for a short story about the most ridiculous car use; • Tram Spot competition (July, August, September 2012).


The evaluation tasks conducted for measure 4.1 were prepared and carried out from August 2010 to November 2012, together with the evaluation tasks concerning the other measures. The actions in the framework of measure 4.1 introduced a significant qualitative change in the approach to the application / testing of innovative promotional activities. The city modernized the tram fleet and developed the tramways network. PT providers and city authorities realised that to maintain positive MIMOSA results constant communication with public and soft actions  are required. Finally also the internet social platform (facebook etc.) paved the way as a perfect tool and modern way of marketing. There is high potential of transferability of the measure’s  actions, especially concerning soft and awareness raising ones.

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