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Porto is planning a multimodal interchange point in the highly congested Asprela area - a development that was highlighted as an essential element in the city’s development plan. In preparation of the development, Porto wants to gain expertise in the field.

Implementing sustainable mobility

With the finishing of the studies, Porto aims now to launch a competitive public tender for the design, construction and operation of what will be the multimodal interchange point in the North of the city. The interchange will increase the efficiency of the transport system and promote a modal shift to sustainable modes.

The main objective of the measure was the participatory development of the planning for an intermodal interchange point as the basis for a public tender for its construction, by embracing best practices, experiences and studies from the national, European and global level. In particular, from CIVITAS ELAN partner cities Ljubljana and Gent. Both cities have successfully planned and implemented multimodal interchanges.


During the implementation phase several steps were made in order to achieve the best solution. The involvement since the planning phase of the partners (public and private transport operators) and stakeholders was very important for the success of the measure. This strong and early involvement was the first of its kind in the metropolitan area.

For the first time, the local population was invited to participate in the process, by responding to a face to face inquiry where they could express their opinion about the intermodal interchange.

After choosing the best location, a conceptual design containing some of the suggestions from the population was elaborated. To choose the best managing model for the infrastructure, a business plan study was conducted by an external consultancy company.

However the municipality has gave a step ahead and during the CIVITAS ELAN life time, has already built the future parking area in Asprela to support those busses that have long terminal time.


After four years of labour intensive work, Porto has gained expertise in the field of participatory planning and intermodal interchanges and has given a huge step to have the first multimodal interchange point in the North of the city.



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