Increase cycling and walking in combination with tourist activities


The goal of this measure was to increase interest and to encourage tourists and residents to adopt sustainable mobility modes for exploring the Limassol region. To achieve this, the cycling and walking network expanded, bicycle parking facilities were added, religious/cultural/nature routes were created, map panels and signage was installed. Also, stakeholder engagement played an important role along with a well-designed communication campaign.

Implementing sustainable mobility

To support this measure, 7 map panels with information for cycling, walking and hiking routes and 5 bike parking facilities have been installed, 8 routes (cycling and walking) were mapped and designed, 4 signs for walking routes in Limassol region were installed,  2 bike lanes were created in Ypsonas Municipality of the Limassol region, and a National Seminar was organised to inform about the new law for cycling, cyclists' rights and responsibilities.

Efforts have been made to introduce for the first time a law regarding cycling, cycling lanes, cycling paths and cyclists’ responsibilities and rights to ensure the safety of the increased number of cyclists, in cooperation with the Cyprus Cycling Association, the Limassol Cycling Club and Limassol Members of the Parliament.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders involvement was very important for the successful implementation of the measure. Meetings with organisations and authorities related to the tourism and mobility sector were held to exchange information, examine suggestions, support, give permits and authorisations for the completion of all activities.

Communication campaigns to promote sustainable mobility

To promote the increase of cycling, walking and hiking and special interest tourist products, 34.000 maps, 5.000 guides in electronic and printed format were designed and distributed.

Additionally, a campaign was organised for students of primary schools to promote sustainable mobility modes (walking and cycling) and 3 short videos (for National TV channels) were created to promote cycling in Cyprus and create awareness about the new law for cyclists (launched in October 2018).


  • Decreased CO2 emissions – 250 fewer tons of CO2 generated since June 2020.
  • Decreased traffic noise – 47 dB noise reduction since June 2020.
  • Achieved fuel costs savings – 7.142,4 € saved since the upgrading of cycling and walking in June 2020.
  • Achieved fuel consumption savings - 5.760 litres saved since the upgrading of cycling and walking in June 2020.
  • Extended the on-street cycling network – 0,4 Km actual length of the cycling network in the city added as of July 2019.
  • Created opportunities for active mobility - 256,1 km of more roads and streets with sidewalks and bike lanes introduced in the Limassol region as of July 2019.
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