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The city of Iasi will install 10 Vending Ticket Machines on the Civitas corridor.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The modern possibility to purchase travel tickets at any time, increasing passenger comfort  will change travel behavior, increase of the numbers of students and pupils using public transport.

The purpose of the introduction of the VTMs is to encourage the use of public transport by people.

The city of Iasi will install 10 Vending Ticket Machines on the Civitas corridor.


The ticketing machines have been installed and PTI is disseminating information and promotional materials on the benefits of the measure.


The surveys had the following results:

- after the measure has been implemented, the number of respondents who were satisfied about the new ticket distribution system increased from 10% in 2011 to 18% in July 2012 and to 25% in September 2012, while the percent of undecided persons remained constant (39%).

- regarding the awareness level, the fact that this project started four years ago and that it has benefited from extensive propagation through the media lead to a high awareness level and a corresponding ascending trend: 42% in 2011 and 63% in September 2012.

- as for the acceptance level, 32% of the people interviewed in 2011 were rather circumspect about this new system in the beginning; this percent had decreased to 20 % by September 2012, after the measure has been implemented. While the number of undecided respondents was smaller, the number of respondents who agree with this distribution system raised from 57% in 2011 to 69% in September 2012.

For the cost-benefit analysis, the data regarding the number of tickets sold and regarding the maintenance operations of kiosks and of TVMs, respectively, came from the public transport company. This analysis has shown that the operating costs have decreased with around 90% after kiosks were replaced with TVMs, from 102,480 € in 2011 to 10,320 € in 2012, which has lead to a Net Present Value (NPV) of 409,276 euro.



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