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Porto is making efforts to tackle traffic problems in the Asprela area and is setting up a Flexible Mobility Agency as part of the Mobility Shop that provides a range of mobility services. The Flexible Mobility Agency supports a number of innovative offers to promote car-pooling and public transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Porto wants to effect a change in people’s travel behaviour through an attractive offer of innovative services. The Flexible Mobility offer includes a car-pooling platform and a demand responsive transport service (DRT). Collectively, these services gave a significant contribution to the quality of life in Asprela.
The main objective of the measure was to trigger a modal shift away from the private car in favour of sustainable modes.

The car-pooling service was one of the first in the country. The online platform allows users to find people to share a ride with and exchange their experience with the service.

The demand responsive bus service – also unprecedented in Porto - helped to know the citizens’ mobility needs and also to optimise the use of resources.



The car-pooling service was officially launched on 21 September 2010. The system has already proven that is a useful and dependable tool in an area where many trips are fixed and regular. Preliminary studies, based on citizens's opinions, helped us to define the requirements and identified the routes and time tables for the DRT service.


The main results of this measure were:

  • A clarification and better understanding about the car-pooling and DRT concepts (unknown in our country and in particular in our city);
  • High levels of reported satisfaction;
  • A reduction of air pollution.



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