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In order to enhance the function of the Old Port areas, exploit all advantages deriving from the Old Port localization and structure, and integrate these areas into the Urban Mobility Strategy, the city of Trieste will undertake a multi-governance approach.

A dedicated technical office will be established to manage all procedures involved in the incorporation of the Old Port into the wider urban context.

The office will be responsible for managing relations with stakeholders and citizens, and  The serve as a networking point for all public entities interested/ involved in mobility solutions.  

Among the main stakeholders are private companies, port actors, mobility providers, hoteliers, shops, taxi drives, and tourist information services, and NGOs. The interests of the public are represented via a number of committees and organisations.

Given the importance of the Old Port's development for the city, a wide-ranging information campaign will be launched.

At the same time, stakeholders and the public will be consulted. To achieve this, the aforementioned technical office will organise public round tables, conferences, forum, and public meetings.

These measures help spread information on the development, facilitate the collection of feedback on it, and generally ensure a participatory decision-making process.

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