Developing GPS monitoring for the public transport fleet

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Providing accurate and updated information about services is an effective way of encouraging passengers to use public transportation.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The Ploiesti public transportation company RATPP provides connections throughout the city for a daily average of 300,000 passengers. It operates 62 trams, 193 buses and 10 trolleybuses. Developing GPS technology for managing the public transport fleet was seen as a way of improving efficiency and providing real-time passenger information in order to enhance the quality of public transportation. This in turn would boost public confidence in the system and increase passenger numbers.

The installation of GPS technology in vehicles may attract some opposition from drivers and operators. However, once the purpose of the system is explained (i.e. to provide real-time information for passengers rather than monitor performance), there concerns can be allayed.



GPS equipment (169 units, entirely equipping the city’s 35 routes) was installed and the information system was launched in December 2001, since when 28 LED panels have been introduced at the busiest interchanges. The system was integrated with a new information management system and a new ticketing system.



The key result was reduced operational costs due to improved fleet management and savings in time and fuel.  Other benefits included improvements to the quality of the service provided to the passengers and increased patronage as a result.

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