Creation and promotion of network for collection of used cooking oil

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The main goal of this measure was to create a network for collecting the used cooking oil (UCO) of the restaurants and hotels in Limassol to be recycled and used as sustainable biodiesel fuel in the mobility sector. As a result, the environmental pollution is reduced through the use of recycled biofuel. The aim of this measure was to introduce the biodiesel as a new fuel for our transportation in the future.

Implementing sustainable mobility

UCO collection

A feasibility study regarding the most suitable way to collect used cooking oil (UCO) and  an economic analysis for the collection system was carried out. In Limassol, a network of UCO collection was created that includes hotels and restaurants. UCO containers were designed and distributed to participants. A specific route was selected, based on the distance between hotels and restaurants to avoid traffic and to save time. Hotels involved in this action were awarded as Green Hotels for providing their UCO for recycling.

Stakeholder engagement

STRATAGEM collaborated with local partners, hotels and restaurants to create the UCO network and the Kaz Oil company to ensure the successful collection of the UCO.


  • Increased the amount of used cooking oil collection - 35 m3 of collected UCO during January 2020.
  • Awareness of tourists and residents about the collection of used cooking oil - 70% of the people were aware of the UCO collection initiative. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
  • Tourists and residents acceptance of the collection of used cooking oil - 90% of the people have accepted the measure and are ready to recycle their UCO. Between July 2019 to February 2020.
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