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The CARAVEL measure aimed to create an effective and integrated online tool providing mobility and transport information in Genoa based on intelligent transport systems, including real-time and mode-specific information delivered via web and mobile phone.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Prior to the implementation of the infomobility platform, conventional travel and traffic information services existed in the city but were not integrated and were focused mainly on traffic congestion problems.

A new passenger information platform was therefore designed to offer real-time information on public transport (including trains and taxis), car sharing, the availability of parking spaces, and actual road conditions, including dynamic traffic information for main routes via webcam and on-board GPS. Extra information pages are published in relation to special events such as festivals and trade fairs, attracting around 1,000 hits per day. The platform also included services for people with reduced mobility.


Initial activities included awareness raising and consensus building among stakeholders, and the definition of operational goals and specific user needs. The design stage involved an analysis of available and potential data sources and of the possibilities for their integration; the definition of technical specifications; and the development of a delivery model via different media.

The new portal, offering aggregated data from various sources, was launched in 2007 as a section of the service portal for Genoa citizens dedicated to traffic and travel information. It offers:

  • dynamic information regarding traffic on main routes (based on average bus speeds via on-board GPS);
  • images from 20 webcams;
  • information on the number of available parking places coming in 11 car parks; and
  • links to the main sources of information on travelling around Genoa.


The new platform attracts 2,500 users every day, and 200 users are registered for the special services offered to people with reduced mobility.

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