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Part of Krakow’s official city website, the mobility platform was designed to provide public transport passengers with updated timetables, trip-planning advice, tariff information and data on the environmental impacts of their travel behaviour.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Taking advantage of the possibility to reach a growing audience of Internet users, Krakow improved its existing communication channels by creating a dedicated Internet site providing information on public transport services (bus and tram stops, timetables, interchanges).  A trip-planning module allows passengers to identify the best transport options available by entering their origin, destination and timeframe into the system. The website also features information about the environmental impacts of using public transport rather than the private car, and also calculates travel costs and the most appropriate tariff solutions.


The website was developed as part of the city’s official site “Magical Krakow”. The creation of the site initially required identifying the position of all the city’s bus and tram stops using GPS in order to design the trip-planning and route search modules. Webcams were also installed in order to display the current traffic conditions.


As a result of the website, the public transport operator can provide an even greater target audience with extensive reliable information on local mobility. With further developments in information technology, it is also possible to add new features to the site, based on users’ opinions and suggestions, in order to attract more website users and, ultimately, more public transport customers.


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