Campaigns promoting public transport use and cycling

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Behavioural change & mobility management
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Influence travel behaviour with the aim to increase the use of public transport. Promote new forms of mobility to increase cycling, especially among school children and youngsters.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The most important objectives are:
- To influence travel behaviour to change the modal split.
- To promote new forms of mobility especially among children and youth.
- To increase the awareness concerning new transport solutions in the city.
- To increase the willingness of car users to shift to other modes of transport.

From the beginning it was clear that in Szczecinek there should be one integrated campaign promoting all CIVITAS RENAISSANCE tasks, despite the fact that all partners could find in their budgets money for dissemination activities.
All the activities of this Measure were executed according to Local Dissemination Plan. One of the first was local website (in Polish) which start working in the first year of the project. Constant presence in media was ensured (more than 170 news). Big events were organized to promote sustainable transport in general and particular measures (More than 10.000 persons participated). SAPIK Newsletter was systematically delivered to arround 2.000 subscribers. Different activities were presented on CIVITAS website, CICITAS Newsletter and in MOVE. TV spot supporting campaigns was produced and aired. During all the conferences, workshops and CIVITAS Forums Szczecinek activities were presented in the form of lectures and presentations. In all four CIVITAS Forums (Kraków, Malmö, Funchal, Vitoria Gasteiz) Szczecinek was present as part of RENAISSANCE exhibition.
Different kind of promotion materials were produced and distributed: different kinds of leaflets (8.500 pieces), tourist maps with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE info (2.000), hotel guide with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE info (2.000), Christmas cards with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE logo (600), posters (600), calendars with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE info (1.000), flags (20), caps with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE logo (450), armbands with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE logo (1.000), T shirts (150), watertram info billboards (3), stands (4), CIVITAS RENAISSANCE logo on minibuses (3), bus tickets with CIVITAS RENAISSANCE logo (produced for three semesters).


Szczecinek has been actively participating in campaigns promoting the use of the public transport, as well as cycling. But still there’s been an urgent need to change the transport behaviours in the city and to plan dissemination activities for integration of the local public transport. One important target group were pupils, especially in secondary schools and junior high schools, They are the main force, which will influence the adults: parents and their local environments.


Awareness level has risen significantly but it has not reached the target (55%). On the other hand, the number of citizens having a positive image of RENAISSANCE objectives was high from the beginning. During the baseline research more than 50% of respondents, who were asked about the willingness to switch from private car to PT, bike or walking, gave positive answers. However, during ex-post survey a slightly smaller number Of respondents declared the real positive behavioural change. The acceptance level at the end of the project exceeded the target value - 45%.   



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