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An automatic vehicle location and monitoring system has been implemented in Monza to improve the service level of the urban public transport system.

Implementing sustainable mobility

In Monza, a system has been set up which allows the urban public transport operator to monitor its service in real-time. The real-time information gathered by the system is fundamental to increase the service level of the urban public transport system.


The research stage of the measure has produced a study focusing on the requirements for interfacing the AVL/AVM (“Automatic Vehicle Localisation/ Automatic Vehicle Monitoring”) System implemented on the Public Transport fleet of the urban service in Monza. Such requirements are described in details in the deliverable R78.1 and are independent from the current provider of the AVL/AVM service. Such independence is a fundamental requirement: when the Monza activities were written in the technical description of ARCHIMEDES, the fleet of the urban service of the city of Monza was managed by the Company “Trasporti Pubblici Monzesi (TPM)”, but since June 2009 the service has been managed by another Company, “Nord-Est Trasporti” (NET); NET is jointly owned by ATM, the company which manages the Public Transport of the city of Milan, and TPM. Nevertheless, the same requirements coded in the above-mentioned deliverable R78.1 apply.

The implementation stage of the measure has been dedicated to the development of a software platform to access the NET AVL/AVM system and to its use within the operational framework invoving all the vehicles (about 80) of the NET Public Transport Fleet. Each bus was already equipped with an On-Board Unit (OBU), consisting of an Industrial PC with specific devices and sensors:

  • a GPS device to determine the vehicle position, coded with Lat-Long coordinate system (WGS 84);
  • a GPRS communication system to send the information to a Control Centre;

The initial implementation of the AVL-AVM system has been accomplished outside the scope of the ARCHIMEDES project; through ARCHIMEDES, the policy used for data collection (frequency, readiness-to-use) has been changed according to new requirements. Following these new requirements, data concerning vehicle positions (“localisation”) and the adherence of the bus to the scheduled service (“monitoring”) are sent to the NET Control Centre approximately every minute. Such data are immediately published through a Webservice, whose template has been agreed in the research stage. Data published through the Webservice refer to the stop or the transit of a bus of the fleet at a relevant bus stop.


The evaluation results achieved are the following:

  • The quality of data concerning localisation and monitoring of the buses are suitable to be used for the other Archimedes measures no. 79 and no.82.
  • The performances to access data through the Webservice made available for this purpose are suitable as well

The framework established is therefore robust and ready to be extended to other Public Transport fleet.

The decision to continuously store in a relational database all data concerning evaluation allows to evaluate along time the performances, in order to quickly detect eventual lacks.


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