Monza (Italy)

The city of Monza in northern Italy has approximately 121,000 inhabitants and spreads across an area of 33.03 km2. Monza is struggling with the adverse impacts of a large amount of traffic passing through the city.

Monza is located in the Lombardy region some 15 km north of Milan on the Lambro River, a tributary of the Po River. The city is best-known for its Grand Prix but it is also an engine of the Italian economy. There are 58,500 companies - one company for every 13 inhabitants. These are mostly small and medium enterprises. The textile industry and a publishing trade are the most prominent sectors. Since 2009, Monza is also the administrative centre of the Monza and Brianza province that has a total of 750,000 inhabitants.

Besides the traffic the economic and administrative role of the city bring with it, Monza is suffering from a huge amount of through-traffic that crosses the city on route to Milan and big motorway nodes. 

Monza has joined CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES with the objective to set up an urban mobility system where alternative modes increasingly mitigate the impact of private traffic. A new mobility offer will enhance the urban environment and reduce energy consumption and pollution. Monza specifically aims to develop school travel plans and to work on the study and design of an urban traffic control system (UTC) that will involve several important intersections and public transport lines.


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