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MAD 7.2



The main goal of this measure was to boost public transport (PT) attractiveness and to tackle the continuous decrease of PT passengers. To achieve this, a strong marketing approach was implemented targeting, residents, youngsters and tourists.

At an operational level, the selling points were renewed, providing better comfort, information and service and the bus stops were improved with better accessibility conditions and information. The urban fleet was reinforced with a new dedicated special bus, internet access was installed on 20 buses, and a new PT line was launched.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Communication campaigns

PT promotional materials were distributed at sales offices, tourism points, hotels and shown on websites. HF created contests focusing on children: the “Drawing contest”, the “Carnival mask” and the “Children’s day”. Several study visits to the HF’s facilities were also organized.

Thematic campaigns were launched, the “Bring a friend” and the “Christmas gift check” and dedicated photo contests to promote interaction with the passengers during Valentine’s day and the Carnival. In addition, HF promoted the PT during big events (MAD 2.1). The selling strategy was also reinforced, with hotels and Carristur (bus sightseeing) staff selling PT tickets (daily tickets) (MAD 6.3).

Short videos were produced promoting PT following the monthly pass price reduction and 2 PT entertaining videos about the “Gift check” action and the Valentine’s day. Under the COVID-19 situation, HF produced the video “O Mundo é Giro”, to promote the PT as a safe transport option.

Restyling of public transport sales offices

At the main sales office, HF implemented a new layout, renewed the informative vinyl, placed seats and new acrylics for promotional material. It installed a queue management system and a TV. It also carried out improvements at the information and on the comfort of the other selling points.

Improvement of the information and accessibility at the bus stops

HF carried out improvements on the background information boards and included updates of general PT information in PT and ENG at a total of 162 bus stops. CMF also improved shelters conditions, pedestrian accessibility and built new pavements at 24 bus stops (under MAD 3.1).

Bus for people with reduced mobility (PRM Bus)

As part of its fleet renovation strategy, HF acquired a new and adapted bus which provides an answer to the increasing number of residents and tourists with reduced mobility

20 buses with internet on board

With the goal of making PT travel more interactive, wireless internet access was added to 20 buses, running on the routes with higher demand.

1 new public transport line - “Linha Eco cidade”

This line connects the city centre with the touristic areas and the cruise port and is served by 5 new mini electric buses (under MAD7.1). It is a more accessible alternative to tourists with special needs who wish to explore Funchal.

Dissemination of safety rules in PT related to COVID-19

The pandemic situation forced HF to adapt the operation in the short and long term. Dedicated posters were on public health measures were produced and placed inside the buses and sales points. In addition, the urban network and timetables had to be adjusted. A dedicated communication campaign was launched on social media, HF’s buses, selling points, bus stops, website and local media.

More information
  • Measure evaluation report (preliminary version)
  • Top 5 tours – read PDF
  • Timetable for city centre public transport line in Funchal – read here
  • Video promoting the use of PT – watch here
  • Video promoting “Gift check” and “Linha Eco Cidade” – watch here
  • Video promoting the Valentine’s day – watch here
  • Video promoting PT under COVID-19 “O Mundo é giro” – watch here


  • Improved accessibility at bus stop – Total of 24 bus stops.
  • Improved information at bus stops – Total of 162 bus stops.
  • Passengers satisfied – 74% of passengers satisfied with the renovations implemented in 2019.
  • Tourists/Residents satisfied with the adaptation of the PT service – 66% of tourists and 46% of residents indicated that PT has been adaptated well or is totally adapted to people with physical limitations (in 2019).
  • Residents value the new intermodal service “Linha Eco Cidade” - 79% considered the service as important or very important (in 2019).
  • Tourists interested in “Linha Eco Cidade” - 65% showed interest in using in the future (in 2019). 
  • More passengers using PT – increase of 8% of PT passengers in 2019 compared with 2018.
  • Level I certification of the regional Quality and Service Excellence (QESM) recognition system – Following the improvements implemented transversally at HF’s operation with the support of DESTINATIONS, HF was publicly awarded with the Level I certification of the QESM recognition system, developed by the Regional Directorate of Economy and Transport.

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