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Living Labs' Final Event


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Over the past four years, the three CIVITAS Living Lab projects – CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and CIVITAS PORTIS – have been testing and demonstrating innovative mobility solutions.

As the projects conclude, join their final conference online from 6-20 October to discover their exciting results. The event will showcase 175 sustainable urban mobility measures implemented in 16 European cities, focusing on:

  • European port cities (CIVITAS PORTIS);
  • Touristic cities looking to develop sustainable mobility solutions for tourists and residents alike (CIVITAS DESTINATIONS); and,
  • European cities fostering sustainable mobility in peripheral areas, as well as testing innovative urban freight and logistics solutions (CIVITAS ECCENTRIC).

Immerse yourself in the projects’ achievements, lessons learned and many successes by:

  • Joining three live sessions on 6 October, 13 October, and 20 October featuring input from all three projects;
  • Diving into releases of material, including videos, presentations, and publications revealing the cities' mobility work;
  • Taking part in an experimental dinner with the three Living Lab project partners.

Starting from 6 October, videos, presentations, and publications will be released weekly on the following three thematic areas:

  • Spotlight on the Living Labs - the projects in a nutshell.
  • Testing innovative solutions in real-life - results from 16 European cities.
  • Scaling and exporting successful solutions - building on the legacy of the Living Labs.

Registration and programme

To sign up for live sessions, click here. This form grants you access to all three sessions via the same link.

The third and final session takes place on Tuesday 20 October, 14:30 - 16:30. A programme outline is below

Live session 3: Scaling and transferring successful solutions - building on the Living Labs' legacy - 14:30 – 16:00 

  • Pre-conditions required to get cities into the "driving seat" and take action
  • Solutions portfolio from the three projects
    • measures successfully scaled up in a city and measures particularly suitable for wider transfer
  • Panel discussion and conclusion

16:00 – 16:30 - Wrap up and conclusion of conference

  • Isabelle Vandoorne, Deputy Head of Unit, DG MOVE, European Commission

See the agenda from previous weeks in the full programme.

Further materials - Scaling up and transferring solutions

A rich collection of material from the three projects is being compiled each week that links to that session's theme.  To coincide with the third week, follow the link to multimedia, publications and further materials that shed light on how the projects have scaled up solutions and information on how to replicate certain measures, Below that, you can find materials from the first two weeks of the final event. 

Scaling up and transferring solutions (week 3)

Innovative solutions in real life (week 2)

Spotlight on the Living Labs (week 1)

Session recordings from each week can be found on the respective session page.