Micromobility and SUMPs

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How people move around cities is changing thanks to micromobility, which brings along new challenges, such as operational issues relating to safety, traffic management and use of public space, to name just a few. City leaders and micromobility providers can, however, work together to foster a modal shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.

In this course, organised by CIVITAS ELEVATE with the SUMP-PLUS project, participants will learn about micromobility vehicles, the people who use them, and the ways in which they can help to improve the transport network in a city. You will also learn about some of the challenges encountered when introducing a new micromobility scheme, or even just supporting the use of private micromobility devices.

This course is intended to be a first introduction to the topic, primarily for people working in urban transport planning. Throughout the course, participants will find links to a variety of resources for more details about the topics introduced in the course.

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Associated project: SUMP-PLUS

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