Integrating a new transport ticketing system with a Smart City

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Eurotransport webinars






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Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • ITS-based enhancement of public transport


With 500 million NFC mobile devices in use today, the use of intelligent NFC tags in industries such as mobility, tourism, shopping and marketing open up novel ways of interacting with customers.

In this webinar we discuss transport ticketing smart cards, smart city smart cards, mobile NFC devices and software development kits. We explore how these elements can be used to contribute towards creating a smart city by integrating information with security and connectivity. In addition, we take a look at how open data and easy to use software development kits make a smart city eco system accessible to a broad developer base.

By watching this webinar you will learn about the benefits of new information technologies, how they can be rolled out and how they add value to cities. In addition, we will take a tour through the most recent technological developments and how these can be used to create a smart city. Finally, we give a perspective from an integrator point of view on what it means to build up a novel transport ticketing system and the possibilities to interlink with other, existing services in the city.

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Connecthings Spain, Indra and Smart Mobility

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