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Image by Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)

The PhD Summer Academy for PhD students is a 2-week, intense period of learning for PhD students, where they will debate and discover the fundamental concepts and recent trends in supply chain management. It is also an opportunity to meet potential future colleagues and enjoy the beautiful city of Zaragoza, Spain. The course is to be held from 13-23 June 2022.

PhD students from around over the world are invited to participate in the PhD Summer Academy 2022 at the Zaragoza Logistics Center. Hundreds of PhD students have joined this Summer Academy and benefited from meeting world renowned experts and being immersed in an enriching atmosphere of mutual exchange. In addition to being introduced to methods and topics in the field by notable experts, the PhD Summer Academy is a great opportunity to meet doctoral students from different institutions and exchange ideas.

The PhD Summer Academy program is administered under the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Programme, one of the select Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) educational and research partnerships. Upon completion of all courses to which they have enrolled, participants will be awarded a certificate stating that they have completed a PhD summer course under the MIT-Zaragoza Programme.

One part of the programme is worth particular mention, specifically a module on Freight Transport and Logistics: decision problems, solution methodologies and real-life applications. This module will explore the transport and logistics industry and the development of advanced decision support systems. Emphasis is put on modelling and solving logistics problems using state-of-the-art approaches. Transportation and distribution functions are studied in detail through lectures and case studies. Key factors will be illustrated for consideration in the planning and control of transport and distribution operations. Additionally, some mathematical models for transportation problems (Integer Linear Programming) will be discussed.

Three key topics will guide the Summer Academy, specifically:

1. Transport network design: Strategic planning generally addresses long-term decisions with long-term impacts, dedicated to the system-design strategic decisions. We focus on some of the main methodologies proposed for the selection of facilities and their impact on the system performance.

2. Urban Logistics: This encompasses the movement of freight vehicles whose primary purpose is to carry goods into, out of, and within urban areas. These movements are part of the logistics activities performed in the city regarding, mainly, the transport, storage, and handling of goods, to answer the demand raised by most economic and social activities taking place in urban areas.

3. Artificial Intelligence in transport and logistics applications: The Internet of Things enables the instant exchange of data and information between machines, operators, and organizations. While there is substantial practical evidence of working AI-enabled environments, e.g. smart thermostats, home service robots, intelligent conversational chatbots, autonomous drones, or even self-driving cars, decision-making in transport and logistics is complex and different from decision-making in these areas. Digital twins make it possible to try these decisions in a virtual environment before applying them in real life.

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More information: PhD Summer Academy for PhD students (2 intense weeks) (

Author: Fundacion Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)


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