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Today's students are the next generation of mobility professionals who, with their fresh ideas and sometimes radical perspectives, will shape the future of urban mobility. The Mobility Powered by the Youth (MPY) Conference is a youth-centric conference and that focuses on the role of young people as changemakers in the sustainable urban mobility arena.

The conference aims to connect young mobility professionals from an early stage of their careers with an opportunity to acquire on-the-job experience by presenting and moderating to a large audience. An already selected group of young professionals will have the opportunity to present their sustainable urban mobility research, as a part of an internship, graduation assignment, hackathon or university course. Through these presentations, the Conference aims to initiate an exchange of views and knowledge among speakers and attendees.

Attendees of the MPY conference can expect to discover the current and up-and-coming topics in the mobility field from their the research of their peers, as well as have the chance to build connections for future collaboration.

The Mobility Powered by the Youth Conference is a complementary event to the CIVITAS Forum 2021, which is to be held from 20–21 October 2021. All MPY Conference attendees will have full access to CIVITAS Forum 2021 activities.

Both the MPY Conference and the CIVITAS Forum 2021 will follow a hybrid format, so speakers and attendees are able to contribute remotely or in-person, in Aachen, Germany.

The Mobility Powered by the Youth Conference will be held on 19 October 2021 from 14:00-18:00 CET.

Register for the MPY Conference here. You will also need to register for the CIVITAS Forum 2021 here.

See the MPY programme here or below.



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