Incubation workshop in Bucharest explores how to speed-up the path from innovation-to-market

Bucharest Romania


Two trams along a tree-lined road in Bucharest

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The next “CIVITAS Incubation Workshop” is taking place on 28 June 2022 in Bucharest (Romania). The event will be help in-person, in English, with translation into Romanian.

CIVITAS Incubation Workshops provide local mobility authorities and stakeholders with knowledge, tools and methods they can use to develop successful mobility interventions that are acceptable, financially viable, legally possible and self-sustaining in the long-run. The upcoming workshop in Romania strives to prepare mobility authorities and stakeholders for the acceleration of the shift towards sustainable mobility. More specifically, this accelerated transformation requires reducing the time-to-market of successfully piloted mobility innovations, which have a proven track of positive impacts.

To this end, EIT Urban Mobility will showcase the latest innovations from their community. As a pan-European institution co-funded by the European Commission, EIT Urban Mobility has funnelled more than 1,000 innovative applications from innovation-to-market. These applications have, ultimately, taken form as 50 mobility solutions. The upcoming Incubation Workshop will address these 50 solutions, assess a set of pre-selected innovations as a group, and will discuss their feasibility in the local Romanian context. 

How will the set of innovations be “pre-selected” before the workshop? With participant help, of course! Registered participants were able to select which mobility solutions they wanted to learn more about, by selecting from an EIT Urban Mobility catalogue. The solutions that received the most votes were invited to pitch their best practice, discuss its implementation and impact achieved.

This incubation workshop is being organised by CIVITAS and EIT Urban Mobility, with support from their respective national networks: CIVINET Romania and the RIS Hub Romania.

Author: Violeta Mihalache




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